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    We founded The Moon Sisters with the aim to make the yoga community and classes accessible to all lifestyles. Your Yoga, Your Time, Your Place. Through your online membership, our teachers aim make sure no area of your mind or body is left out though our versatile guided classes. They’re committed to bringing people together through our online yoga platform, The Moon Sisters. Building strong relationships is at it’s core, so you know that your Moon Sister will always have your back.

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    "I really enjoy practicing weekly yoga with the moon sisters they have several weekly practices to choose from, I normally go for the mobility on a Friday night followed by an incredibly relaxing hour on a Sunday evening. It has massively supported my cycling, the tension and aches after an endurance ride completely vanish following my yoga practice. My favourite part is simply breathing - it’s amazing how a few rounds of breath work completely evaporates tension that you weren’t even aware you were holding on to. Namaste."


    "The Moon Sisters just have an amazing energy to be around. Their classes are so dynamic and fun that I felt super relaxed and connected to my practise. Each of them has their own unique character which work beautifully as a combo. I can’t wait to get back on my mat with them as their energy is infectious. Talk about raising your vibe!"


    "Thank you to the Moon Sisters for starting their classes in November 2020! I love the strong flow and unwind classes! Elle and Sarah’s calm teaching and guidance make for a great escape. The breath work and adaptations for the Asanas (Yoga Poses) means there is something for everyone. If you want more connection to yourself, whilst challenging the body at the same time, join Moon Sisters as a Member for support, a variety of classes and community. Hope to see you on the mat soon!"


    "Moon sisters is an amazing community, I am studying professional dance and musical theatre. Moon sisters helps me find my balance of strength and flexibility. Sarah and Elle are so supportive and give great individual tips for everyone starting off, or well into, their yoga journey."