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    £19.99 / month

    Hi Moon Sister! Welcome to your monthly membership.

    Sign up to ‘Lunar’, the online membership to begin or progress your yoga journey at your own pace.




    Your place, your time, all classes are pre recorded, live through zoom or both.

    Gain all access to recordings and lives which can be taken at your pace, in your home.  Whether you are a beginner or intermediate We make our range of classes variable for all levels.

    Monthly Class’s pre recorded online:

    4x Mobility – 10-15 minute flow incorporating dynamic movement. Focusing on improving joint health, transitions and recovery.  These can be taken as often as needed and perfect for people on the go!

    2x Vinyasa – 1h minute flow. This will be your main asana based flow class, working with a traditional breath to movement practice, where we will focus on a peak pose.

    1x Pranayama – 5m breath work class

    1x meditation – 10m calm the body and mind bringing your awareness to the present moment.

    2x LIVE Unwind – 1h every other Sunday 8pm on zoom. Perfect to release tension at the end of the week. We will hold our poses for longer and focus on pranayama (breath work). Grab a blanket, cushions and dim the lights.


    You can also opt in or out to our closed yogi group where you can find support and connect with other members.

    Our memberships offer a well rounded package that can be used for mindfulness, to slow down the body, work on asana and flexibility or aid recovery for sport, designed to work around your lifestyle.


    Once you sign up, you’ll be sent an email after checkout, (please check spam). This will have all the access information on and you can get in touch with us through there.




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